Tea pods Nespresso® compatible - brewing process

Important: For optimal brewing of tea pods Nespresso® set the brew time to 30-60 seconds for each pod, depending on personal preferences.


Traditionally, specialty tea brewing has been an arduous ordeal. First, one had to wait for the water to boil, after that, tea leaves were added in the optimum amount, but even then, you had to wait for the tea to brew to achieve that ‘right' color and aroma.
We, the hard-working and innovative people at Tea Pods realized that the conventional methods of tea brewing is unable to cater the to the fast-paced modern life and hence, have produced our hallmark product: tea capsules.
Our tea pods are extremely easy to use, and the taste is just like from the traditional tea leaves. Rest assured, you will feel heaven in your mouth, with minimum hassle.
Another startling feature of the tea capsules is that they are compatible with the Nespresso kitchen appliances, which means that you do not have to purchase any new kitchen hardware to consume our product. It works and tastes best when made with the Nespresso kitchen appliances.
Although the products are compatible with the Nespresso hardware, the settings of the appliance have to be altered to brew the ‘Nespresso compatible capsules' optimally.
The tea capsules are extremely easy to use with the compatible nespresso appliances; only a few settings have to be altered.
The lungo button on the Nespresso coffee machine is set at 110ml by default, so first thing’s first, you will have to alter or recalibrate it for making tea.
To recalibrate the coffee machine, you will have to hold the lungo button until the cup has been filled with the desired amount of water. Then place the tea capsule in the machine and hold the Lungo button until the tea pod dispenses tea.
For best-tasting tea, it is highly recommended that you use one tea capsule for a teacup containing about 150-180 ml of water and two tea capsules for a mug containing about 250 ml of water. For optimal results, we would also recommend that you warm your cup or mug before placing it below the machine, that way, the warmth of your hot tea will not dissipate quickly.
As a quick review, follow the following steps:
  1. Choose your favorite flavored tea capsules from the wide variety available at Tea Pods.
  2. Lift the lid on top of the machine.
  3. Slide the lid and ensure that the tea capsule is placed correctly.
  4. Press the lungo button that is on the side of the Nespresso coffee machine.
  5. Enjoy your hot tea! 

For optimal brewing, set the brew time to 30-60 seconds for each pod, depending on personal preferences.

Living in a digital age, we are aware that you might be concerned about the plastic used to package the tea capsules. Do not worry! The vinyl we use is biodegradable and hence, poses no threat to the environment.
With the help of this guide, you can now enjoy your Nespresso compatible tea pods in a matter of minutes!
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