About tea capsules

Our Nespresso Original Line compatible tea pods, designed with the environment in mind. The tea capsule bodies are "biodegradable and compostable," meaning they naturally break down and can be home composted. While the capsules are not 100% compostable without additional action, we've made it easy for you to play your part in sustainability.

Our tea capsules have foil lids that are not compostable or recyclable. To ensure proper disposal, follow these two simple steps:

1. After brewing your tea, let the pod cool down. This step is vital for safe composting and allows the pod to decompose effectively over time.

2. Once cooled, remove the foil lid from the capsule. While the capsules themselves are compostable, the lids cannot be recycled. Discard the lids as regular trash, and dispose of the capsules in your home compost.

By taking these small actions, you join us in reducing waste and embracing eco-friendly choices.
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