The 21st century is a fast-paced era, where humanity faces a plethora of issues ranging from climate change to lack of time. To solve these important and significant problems, Tea Boquete has come up with an innovate solution.
   Long gone are the days when people had time to brew hot tea on a stove to enjoy with ones' loved ones. But this should not stop you from enjoying your favorite flavor of tea on the go.
   We, at Tea Boquete, have solved this problem! Not only do we make the best tea from the most aromatic tea leaves right here in the United States, but our tea can be consumed while you are going about your busy day.
   As a premier brand of tea, we have evolved; our team of experts has worked diligently to innovate how tea is consumed. Bygone are the days when tea was available only in tea bags with filters as we have now introduced a hassle-free way of consuming tea - Tea Boquete’s Nespresso® and K-Cup® compatible tea pods. Tea Boquete tea pods are compatible with Nespresso's OriginalLine machines and all K-Cups brewers includes Keurig® 2.0, which means that you would not require an additional kitchen accessory to consume our tea pods! But this does not mean that we have compromised on the quality of our tea - our tea is just as exquisite and aromatic in taste. Those who worry about a taste change; we assure you that our tea tastes the same, with an almost ninety percent reduction in the brewing time! This ensures quality tea while you are up and about your day!
  The pods are biodegradable and hence, are of no harm to the environment. By consuming Tea Boquete’s tea pods, you are doing an excellent service to yourself and the environment!


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  * Tea Boquete Nespresso® compatible capsules are suitable for Nespresso® OriginalLine machines, not compatible with VertuoLine.

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