Decaffeinated Earl Grey black tea pods Nespresso OriginalLine compatible

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Brew the perfect cup of decaffeinated earl grey tea from the convenience of your home or office with earl grey black tea capsules. Designed for tea lovers who enjoy a flavorful yet caffeine-free option, these capsules are Nespresso OriginalLine compatible, making it easy to indulge in a delightful tea experience anytime of the day.

Our decaf Earl Grey tea pods balance the delicate and distinctive bergamot flavor with the richness of decaffeinated black tea. This combination ensures a smooth and aromatic cup that is both refreshing and satisfying. Whether you prefer your tea in the morning or as a calming evening beverage, decaf earl grey is perfect for any occasion.

The key ingredients in our decaf Earl Grey tea pods include decaffeinated black tea and natural and artificial bergamot flavors. This blend captures the essence of traditional Earl Grey, offering a classic taste without the caffeine. The natural and artificial bergamot flavors add a citrusy note that complements the robust black tea, creating a harmonious and pleasing flavor profile.

Moreover, these tea capsules are specifically designed to be compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine machines, ensuring a seamless brewing process. Simply insert the capsule into your machine, press a button, and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of tea in moments. Please note that these capsules are not compatible with VertuoLine machines.

Ingredients: decaffeinated black tea, natural and artificial bergamot flavors

* tea pods are suitable for Nespresso OriginalLine machines, not compatible with VertuoLine

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