Yerba Mate tea pods K-Cup compatible

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Brew a smooth, full-bodied cup of Yerba Mate tea with the convenience of K-Cup compatible pods. Each capsule contains 100% Yerba Mate, providing a naturally energizing and revitalizing caffeine boost. Enjoy the tea's signature notes of sweet pepper and grassy flavors in every cup.

Ingredients: 100% yerba mate

Caffeine: 60-75mg/per cup

These tea pods by request. Ready in 1-2 business days after placing an order.

Pack of 10 pods

* tea capsules are compatible with K-Cup ® compatible are suitable for all types of k-cups brewers includes Keurig ® 2.0

** K-Cup ® and Keurig ® are registered trademarks of Green Mountain, Inc., Tea Pods capsules are not affiliated with nor approved by Green Mountain, Inc.