Herbal tea K-Cup® compatible

Enjoy the zippy sensation with an invigorating jolt of our 100% herbal tea K-Cup®. The herbal tea is a perfect blend of hibiscus and other herbs which will benefit you immensely irrespective of the season. Be assured about the perfect brewing of our herbal tea k cups when used with the Keurig® system. The rich and the vibrant aroma of the herbs will reawaken every cell of your being. The aroma is extremely inviting and soothing at the same time and a glass of herbal tea K-Cup is perfectly apt for unwinding from a stressful day. Being rich with antioxidants has its own sets of pros which includes protection against the oxidative stress. Apart from that, Herbal tea greatly controls the inflammation and provides immediate relief against the muscle pain. Our herbal tea K-Cups are good for any K-Cup® brewing machines, new Keurig® 2 are friendly as well.